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Iconic Munchies Puzzle

Iconic Munchies Puzzle

  • This iconic chunky puzzle is great to teach your little ones the icons of Australian food. Maybe it’s Vegemite on toast or a snag on bread – these are our unsung icons of Australian cuisine!

    Fairy bread, Pavlova, the Lamington and the humble meat pie or burger with good old fashioned Aussie style beetroot and egg – these are our tasty treats that seem normal to our diets as Aussies but very strange to anyone else.

    This chunky style puzzle comes with a back board and seven wood pieces that are thick and chunky for little ones to slam into their correct slots.


    Ages 2+

    Sturdy wooden construction

    Colourful graphics

    27cm (W) x 23cm (L)

    Board comes complete with 7 wooden pieces that also stand up for pretend play

    Designed to comply with Australian toy standards with non toxic paints

    Comes packaged in a beautiful cardboard outer wrapper


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